A new book has emerged, in January this year (2017) which I think is a positive step forward in reducing mental health stigma and providing children with an insight into a mental illness.  I have had the pleasure of reading this book over the Easter break with my two children who are age 10 and 12, whom this book would be suited to Upper Key Stage 2.  It was an easy read, although the first couple of chapters are a little tough, the book develops into a real page turner with lots of cliff hangers which keep children’s interests.  Both my boys loved this book and kept asking me to read it while we were away, it was definitely hard to put down.

The character, Matthew Corbin has OCD, (obsessive compulsive disorder) however the book is both empathetic and insightful in how it portrays the mental health condition and his journey towards recovery.  The book though is really a ‘who done it’ crime mystery, as Matthew becomes part of the solution to helping find a missing toddler who has mysteriously disappeared from the house next door.  Other book review websites currently rate it 5 stars too.  I would highly recommend that this is part of a literacy text for your pupils in year 5 or 6, although I suggest this is a teacher read text.  Scholastic have devised a lesson plan with 3 activities, which could be split into 3 lessons or more.  Here is the link:


Currently £3.85 from Amazon, a bargain – I highly recommend this book for Upper Key Stage 2.